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Keeping A Mature Woman In Love

by Jim Hope

I consider myself a very well-rounded ladies man in the sense that unlike other gurus and PUA’s, I tend to be knowledgeable about other aspects of mature women outside of the initial pick-up, such as marriage, raising a child together, managing relationships, sexuality, etc., but today, I’d like to focus on keeping a woman in love with you once you have her right where you want her.

In the past, I’ve talked about how I can date just about any mature woman that I’ve dated before, and how it is rare for any woman to leave me. I also talked about how the release of certain chemicals (dopamine) within the body can give off the impression of being in love with someone. To those that don’t know what dopamine is, let’s just refer to it as butterflies.

So, how do you keep a woman in love with you? You already know that you need to be a man, and as a man, you need to take full responsibility for the direction of the relationship. If something goes wrong, then the fault lies solely with you. Mature women usually want men to take the majority of the control of the relationship, and if she feels like she is controlling everything, she will see you as less of a man, complain about you not being good enough, and eventually either cheat on or leave you. You cannot be a lazy spouse or you will lose your girl.

Accepting that you need to be a man, how do you keep a woman in love with you? Spontaneity is a good start. I’m not saying that you need to be so spontaneous that she starts to believe that you’re crazy, but I mean be spontaneous enough to keep her interested. Mature women want to be with men that keep them interested and always wondering what he will do next. This is exactly why mature women tend to go crazy when their man surprises them with something that they weren’t expecting. In one of my older posts, I talked about this, and to sum it up, I said that you need to reward mature women with little gifts and compliments when they least expect it.

I’ve observed several long term relationships, and I’ve seen the men in them eventually lose the girl. As I stated before, you cannot be a lazy spouse, and this is exactly how these men lost these mature women. These men got too comfortable with their routines, and lost the interest of their mature women. Why? They no longer gave their woman butterflies. To keep her in love, you absolutely have to make time for her and keep the butterflies going.

What can you do to keep the butterflies going? You should ALWAYS be looking for some kind of new activity to enjoy together. Never been to an Indian restaurant? Go. Never gone bike riding? Go. Never took that painting class? Go. You get my point. You keep mature women in love by doing something new and taking on new experiences together. You can’t do the same things and expect her to stay in love with you.

So you’ve found something new? Good. However, don’t make the mistake of getting lazy again. What a lot of guys will do, is they’ll find something new that they enjoy doing with their girlfriend (swinging?), and then they do it all the time. Big mistake. Overindulgence is the enemy of love. The more you do the same thing, the less exciting it’s going to be. In other words, it will eventually lose the effect of creating butterflies. Surprise her when she least expects it, constantly do something new, and most importantly, don’t overindulge in something just because you both enjoy it. This is how you keep a woman in love with you.

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